Pockets & Tex – As Above So Below

Pockets & Tex release the new ‘As Above So Below’ album.

The follow up project from Pockets & TeX after “Residue” it’s an offering on a grandeur scale. Providing sophisticated lyrics over DJ Pain1 production, songs like “ROLEX” & “The Induction” showcase the team’s finesse. While the title track & The Hunger (Demand & Supply) harvest an ethos of triumph through struggle.

The lead off single “Always Be Mine” has the duo confessing their love & dedication for Hip Hop, with a strong hook from Tina G. The video “Clouds” has a dreary hook, with a dreamy trap vibe on the production with visuals to match. The stand out track “Day 1nes,” is Pockets & TeX on a different frequency, humbly spreading love the Brooklyn way.

Listen to “As Above So Below” by pressing play below.

Yoel Molina Law

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