D.R.E. Colombian Raw Releases ‘Dre’s Corner 2’

D.R.E. Colombian Raw - Just Venting

D.R.E. Colombian Raw releases his new “Dre’s Corner 2” album today.

D.R.E. Colombian Raw is back with his new album, “Dre’s Corner 2.” Leading up to the release, D.R.E. released three singles from the album. They are, “Just Venting,” “Why (Live This Way),” and “That Come Up.”

D.R.E. Colombian Raw gives us who he really is on “Dre’s Corner 2.” He let it all out and is doing big for those fatherless children. The new album consists of twelve tracks and features artists like J-Marie, TruWerdz, and Whata Mess. This album will most likely appear on our “Top 20 Albums” list for 2020 at the end of the year.

Yoel Molina Law

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