Serial Killers Release New Album, ‘Summer Of Sam’

Serial Killers, Xzibit, B-Real and Demrick release their new album titled “Summer Of Sam.”

2020 has reaffirmed that absolute power corrupts absolutely! Due to our current leadership we find ourselves at a tipping point. The trickledown effect of this revelation has infiltrated every fabric of our society; we are at our most divided as divisiveness runs rampant as black men and women are being killed by police every day and systematic racism pervades. We watch the news and become number to the egregious human and civil rights violations, police states, and mass isolation by a pandemic that has become more about politics and party lines; then it has about compassion, empathy and saving lives. Undeniably, we have devolved into chaos.

In the midst of this chaos, the Serial Killers (Xzibit, B-Real & Demrick) have reformed with a needed, timely, current and politically charged album, Summer Of Sam, which is sure to shake up the status quo. And who better than Xzibit, B-Real and Demrick to light the fuse.

With some of the most recognizable voices in music, the individual members of Serial Killers have contributed a handful of genre-defining albums over the last two decades, which have resulted in numerous platinum and gold plaques. Similarly, X To The Z and B-Real have transcended music and become multi-medium cultural icons with their contributions to both television and movies.

Serial Killers Summer Of Sam features guest appearances from Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes and DJ Quik with production from Rick Rock and Focus among others.

Tracklisting & Credits For Serial Killers Summer Of Sam:

  1.)  Streets Lockdown(Prod. By Sick Drumz)

  2.)  Normal (Prod. By Dem Jointz)

  3.)  White Power (Prod. By Rick Rock)

  4.)  S.O.S. (Prod. By Sick Drumz)

  5.)  Quarantine (Prod. By Dem Jointz)

  6.)  Triggered feat. Snoop Dogg (Prod. By Rick Rock)

  7.)  Powder Keg (Prod. By 21 The Producer)

  8.)  Loaded (Prod. By Rick Rock)

  9.)  Man Down feat. Busta Rhymes (Prod. By Focus)

10.)  War In The Streets (Prod. By Sick Drumz)

11.)  I Feel Great feat. DJ Quik (Prod. By Rick Rock)

12.)  Catch A Body (Prod. By Dem Jointz)

Yoel Molina Law

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