Taiyamo Denku Releases New “Musical Guidance” Album

Milwaukee native, Taiyamo Denku releases his new “Musical Guidance” album for free download for his fans. His dark bars in a dark place is what equals Denku‘s “Test Me” song and video that was released a few weeks ago. The sunlight in the video makes the grim, old cemetery look peaceful. In his first verse he stands on a hill built over a mound of graves beneath him.

Today Denku returns with his 14 track album which was created between the years of 2004 to 2009. The album speaks to the gluttony of the American Government and how it seems that the devil has risen in all of us. Don’t fall for the illusion that is presented to us via the News media and those on social media. Taiyamo Denku has released this as a FREE project for the fans of his music, but if you want to pay and add a donation it is welcome as well here.

Tracklist: Musical Guidance Album

1) Musical Guidance
2) The Key
3) According to Whose According
4) Doctor Wesker
5) Flatline
6) Undead Beauty
7) Much Needed Conversation
8) Next Window Please
9) Unclear memory
10) Wonder when we Wander
11) Journey To Nowhere
12) Wack on Purpose
13) Slave Work Corporation
14) What Your Made Of

Yoel Molina Law

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