Clint Hoffa & Lycouz Release “Shockwaves (a 20/20 Vision)” Album

Clint Hoffa and Lycouz share their new album called Shockwaves (a 20/20 Vision).

Clint Hoffa and Lycouz “Shockwaves (a 20/20 Vision)” Clint Hoffa & Lycouz have been working with hip-hop legend Sicknature from the internationally acclaimed group Snowgoons for the past year. A tour was also planned together which was unfortunately moved due to Covid-19.

It made time for focus on the album “Shockwaves (a 20/20 vision)” which is out now on all digital platforms. For Those who do not know Clint Hoffa & Lycouz, They are two rappers from Sweden who in recent years have performed on most stages/bars in Denmark around where hip-hop is alive in full energy. And that’s exactly what the duo offers. Hip-Hop with lots of energy, some boom bap with a little soul mixed in here and there.

The album features Sicknature (Snowgoons), Kaz Money (The Recipe), Chukk Rukkuz (Muddy Fatique), Dirty D & Maqs with productions from Don Carlsson, Black Diamond Music and Eddi Narin among others. The singles from the album released so far have received a good response with thousands of streams and have attracted the attention of several international blogs/websites. The music video for “We’re Coming For Em” with Sicknature was also released via Goon Musick’s youtube channel.

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