Darkim Be Allah & Endemic Emerald Release “Antediluvian King” LP

Darkim Be Allah, Planet Asia & Endemic Emerald - God of the Universe

Darkim Be Allah & Endemic Emerald share with us their new album titled “Antediluvian King.”

The NYC rap duo of Darkim Be Allah & Endemic Emerald deliver that pure, raw, uncut hip-hop with their new album, “Antediluvian King.” We’re talking thoughtful, rewind-worthy lyrics from the former Wu Tang Records signee, with dusty, sample-flipping production from Endemic. It makes for a project that sounds and feels altogether timeless, a vibe that certainly was at the root of their creative process.

While the hard-hitting truths of “The Lockdown” are certainly relevant and speak to so many current issues, the majority of the album was actually recorded prior to the civil unrest and pandemic that have shaken the country. That’s because the two artists had linked years back—and even recorded a lost album together—with the knowledge that they were meant to connect for an entire project.

That’s what brings us to “Antediluvian King,” which conceptually speaks to a time taking place before a biblical flood (which is unbelievably prescient). And while there are numerous layers to unpack within the album’s ten tracks—like the single “God of the Universe” with Planet Asia—everything on here is straight heat. Darkim’s voice and flow are the perfect match for Endemic’s organic instrumentals, whether it’s the feel-good nostalgia of “Doing It,” grimy aesthetic of “BX-QB” featuring Tragedy Khadafi, or contemplative vibes of “Knowledge & Wisdom.”

There’s so much to dig into with “Antediluvian King,” and it’s hopefully just the first of many collaborative releases from these two true school, like-minded artists. The album is available now through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms via Endemic’s own label, No Cure Records and can be purchased on vinyl courtesy of Fat Beats.

Antediluvian King Tracklist:

  1. The Lockdown
  2. BX-QB (feat. Tragedy Khadafi)
  3. Gods’ Wrath (feat. Kasim Allah)
  4. Doing It
  5. Real Black
  6. Original Light
  7. The black Gene
  8. Knowledge & Wisdom
  9. You Know the Gravity (feat. Tragedy Khadafi)
  10. God of the Universe (feat. Planet Asia)
Yoel Molina Law

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