Nowaah The Flood, Ca$ablanca, Kincee & Jay Holly Self-titled Album, “Untouchable$”

Untouchable$ release their new self-titled album. Nowaah The Flood, Ca$ablanca, Kincee, and Jay Holly get cinematic on this album.

The Untouchables is a crime film set in 1930, during Prohibition. Reigning crime kingpin Al Capone supplied illegal liquor and had nearly the entire city of Chicago under his control. These new “Untouchable$,” Nowaah The Flood, Ca$ablanca, Kincee and Jay Holly will not intoxicate you with the spirits, but with Rhymes.

The are some gun bars on the album, but that comes with the territory when you are dealing with the “Untouchable$.” Much different than the movie characters, there is nothing illegal about what Nowaah The Flood, Ca$ablanca, Kincee and Jay Holly do over the productions from The MALI Empire, Kurse, B-Sun, JF, Karnate and Cap Chino. Press play on the self-titled album below and let us know what you think.

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