Seba Kaapstad Releases New “Konke” Album

Seba Kaapstad Announces New Album, featuring Quelle Chris, Oddisee & Georgia Muldrow

Seba Kaapstad releases new album featuring Oddisee, Georgia Muldrow, and Quelle Chris.

The jazz ensemble Seba Kaapstad created an album that reaches towards something essential and human – a way for us to examine ourselves & become better.

The group Seba Kaapstad is made up of singers Zoe Modiga & Ndumiso Manana with production from Philip Scheibel & Sebastian Schuster. The crossing of musical influences from jazz to soul to hip-hop are as diverse and beautiful as the members themselves. Hailing from South Africa, Eswatini, Germany & the US, the sound is distinct, creating what is specifically Seba Kaapstad.

The newest album from the neo-soul/jazz group is called “Konke,” translating to “Everything” from Zulu. The album picks up where they left off from 2019’s MMG debut album “Thina”. Ever evolving, the group has focused in on their sound, making “Konke” a smooth, cerebral & uplifting album. Featuring artists like Quelle Chris & Georgia Anne Muldrow, “Konke,” is what group imagination sounds like. At the same time inventive & reverent, “Konke,” is a one-of-a-kind experience like nothing else you’ve heard this year.

Yoel Molina Law

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