Apokalips The Archangel Releases New “1137Q” Album

Apokalips The Archangel drops his new album titled “1137Q.”

Apokalips The Archangel releases his new album, “1137Q.” Apokalips The Archangel is holding up the flag for Queens, New York. His hustle is very strong with this album. He went hand to hand with the promotion for this new album, which we admire.

“1137Q” is a c capsule of grown man energy. The production on the album was handled entirely by Seasra23. It is all boom-bap of course. The Top Shelf Muzik artist is fully loaded and letting off rhymes at an amazing clip on “1137Q,” and keeps the underground Hip-Hop culture going strong. His music and rhymes are not something that you would hear on mainstream, because they are true to the foundation of Hip-Hop.

1137Q” is comprised of 19 real Hip-Hop tracks that you should support. The independent grind is a long and arduous one, and the artists need our support. When these artists release quality projects, they should be supported.

Yoel Molina Law

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