Hubbs Releases New “El Ron Hubbs” Album

Hubbs closes out 2020 with this new “El Ron Hubbs” album.

Hubbs is someone that you can learn from if you are listening right. The Pittsburgh artist closes out this crazy year with a new album called “El Ron Hubbs,” which is a play on words.

Starting with the covert art, the teaching begins. It is a photo of an incident that took place in the City of Pittsburgh. The police pulled over a Moor, and he threw his Morrish flag over his door and proceeded to give the Pittsburgh Police a lesson on the Law.

On “Moorpheus” Hubbs says to teach in repetition so that the learning sticks. Hubbs really has a way of flips these words to allow to learn while enjoying his music. Press play on “El Ron Hubbs” below and leave a comment.

Yoel Molina Law

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