Jypsy Drops New “Born Wit It” Album

Jypsy returns today with his new “Born Wit It” album.

Inkster emcee, Crooked Capitol representative, 1/3 of Street Justice, and 1/2 of 2 Door Coupé, Jypsy gives you his first solo album “Born Wit It.” This album is an artistic expression that guide you on a nostalgic journey through Hip-Hop.

This album is a representation of “it’s not about the beat but what you do over the beat that makes the song”. This Middle Finger Music artist’s solidifies himself as an underrated threat in delivering “Born Wit It.”

“Born Wit It” features emcee’s Fatt Father, Bub Rock, Kid Vishis, Kaine, Ketch P, Isaac Castor, Bang Belushi And Production From Foul Mouth, Peace Of Mind, Nolan The Ninja and Jimbo Jones.

Yoel Molina Law

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