BEATAHOE Drops ‘Slimey Roland 909 Loops’ Instrumental Album

BEATAHOE returns todat with his “Slimey Roland 909 Loops” instrumental album.

All beats made inside the MC ROLAND 909 with no layering and no other sounds from any other source. All One Tracks.

Beatahoe’s father bought him this particular machine when Beatahoe completed his University Degree. Pops just walked into the apartment with a box and said here is your graduation gift. Beatahoe did not know that drum machines and samplers existed as scratching was the obsession at the time.

Fast forward many years, Beatahoe found this machine on Ebay and decided to buy it again as it had been stolen by a crack head a few years ago. 115 loops later and the creation of 3 music releases from this machine, Beatahoe decided to share 30 loops with the public.

“I keep the beats in skeleton mode as I like to get real anal once beats are chosen for a project.”

Yoel Molina Law

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