Eloh Kush & Ras Beats Drop ‘The Law Of Least Effort’

Eloh Kush and Ras Beats join us today with this new single titled “The Law Of Least Effort.”

This new collaboration from Eloh Kush and producer/hip-hop DJ Ras Beats is a 16-track download that includes a digital insert with special comments from Eloh and Ras, eight instrumental tracks, and features by Glorious, Lord Sun, Jahbaton, Invizable Handz, and John Robinson.

Inspired by the work of renowned spiritual author Deepak Chopra, “The Law of Least Effort” draws on the power of unrestrained creative energy – the path that provides the least resistance to forward motion. As Eloh explains, “When you overthink an idea or action … it can lose its rawness.”

The album will be direct-to-listeners. The album can be bought directly from www.rasbeats.com & www.elohkush.com.

Yoel Molina Law

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