Bang Belushi Releases New “Rudy” Album

Bang Belushi - Rudy (LP)

Legendary Detroit spitter Bang Belushi releases his new “Rudy” album.

Detroit Veteran Bang Belushi is back with Rudy, his second installment on the Middle Finger Music imprint. We once again see Bang teaming up with MFM’s man behind the music, super producer Foul Mouth. The album begins with Bang reminding himself of his legend status and deciding that it’s time to show people what transformed Rudy into Bang Belushi. The title track starts off with a quick verse previewing the menu of what to be expected from this 16-course meal.

Rudy” is littered with Bang detailing his extracurricular activities growing up on the brazen streets of Detroit ranging from high grade cannabis, promiscuous women, running from police, and of course excessive amounts of Popov. Bang teams up with fellow MFM comrades as well as other notable emcees each equally pushing their own unique vision providing natural progression between tracks. “Rudy” highlights Bang and Foul mouth’s undeniable chemistry. The texture and soundscape of the record almost makes it sound as if Bang and Foul mouth are speaking back and forth at times. Effortless. On “Feeling like Biggie”, Bang skates over a smooth piano sample sketching up stories about lessons learned in his earlier days in Detroit leading up to the transformation of Bang Belushi…”When I was comin’ up Big was my idol / Ready to Die everyday struggle my bible.”

On the album’s outro, we hear a side of Bang we are not as accustomed to. He speaks from the heart about his children and lost loved ones. “For my youngest little Ryan, Daddy love you / you my twin I feel the love when I hug you…….Through my kids I finally see a better me / left the hoes alone…” Allow yourself to view Bang Belushi’s life through his musical point of view. Rudy is artistic. Rudy is colorful. Rudy is raw. Rudy is Bang Belushi, and Bang Belushi is a legend.

Bang Belushi - Rudy (LP)
Yoel Molina Law

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