Jae Hu$$le & Joe Parlè Drop “Made 2 Win; Born 2 Reign”

Jae Hu$$le & Joe Parlè i- Made 2 Win; Born 2 Reign

Jae Hu$$le and producer Joe Parlè (aka Lo Kosugi) connect for this album titled “Made 2 Win; Born 2 Reign.”

The underground Hip-Hop scene is in great hands thanks to Rochester, New York’s Jae Hu$$le. He has what we think is necessary to be a good artist, “Lyrics, Delivery, & Voice.” This is so important for an artist to have to dominate. Today Jae Hu$$le shares this “Made 2 Win; Born 2 Reign” album.

Hu$$le tells us that “Made 2 Win; Born 2 Reign” has been completed since 2017 but he never released it. He tells us “it’s time to get it out,” and he has put his best foot forward in dong so. Many people miss the important parts of the journey because they are looking to far ahead of their current position.

Jae Hu$$le understands that everything he encounters doing his journey is what he needs to prepare him for the time those big checks are cleared. When it is all said and done, a jersey with Jae Hu$$le’s on will be hanging from the rafters.

Made 2 Win; Born 2 Reign
Yoel Molina Law

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