Juxx Diamondz Releases His New Album, “Lord Knowz Vol. 2: Don’t Be Scared Be Frightened”

Juxx Diamondz - Lord Knowz Vol. 2: Don't Be Scared Be Frightened (LP)

Juxx Diamondz is back today with his new album titled “Lord Knowz Vol. 2: Don’t Be Scared Be Frightened.”

Juxx Diamondz returns today with “Lord Knowz Vol. 2: Don’t Be Scared Be Frightened,” the follow up to his 2018 release of “Lord Knowz.” The Brownsville artist makes people face their fears yet again because it is Juxx season again. Juxx comes with the powerful voice of God on each of the track on the album.

On “Church Muzic” featuring Ladi Diamondz, Juxx gives us a front row pew seat to experience God up close and personal. “Thou shalt not fxck with JD / I be crazy with the mask off ugly Jason Voorhees / these rap cats they bore me, nothing really to say, nxggas calling themselves petite, I believing they gay.”

What is the “American Dream” to you? For many, that would elicit a different thought and response. Juxx shares what he thinks the dream is, and it sounds like a nightmare. “Lord Knowz Vol. 2: Don’t Be Scared Be Frightened” includes features from Mic Handz, Napoleon Da Legend, The Bad Seed and more. As Juxx said, don’t be scared be frightened.

Yoel Molina Law

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