Detroit’s Fatt Father Releases “Soccer Dad” Album

Fatt Father - Soccer Dad (LP)

Fatt Father returns today with his new “Soccer Dad” album produced solely by Foul Mouth.

You have no idea of what “Raw & Uncut” means until you’ve witnessed parents on the sideline going hard for their children as they head towards the goal line. That’s the energy that Fatt Father brings on his fifth studio album, ‘Soccer Dad’, which is produced entirely by Foul Mouth.

On this Fueled By Life/Middle Finger Music release, Fatt Father paints vivid pictures of life and his overwhelming commitment to family on a soulful Foul Mouth provided canvas. Songs such as “Do Better” and “Truth” speak of responsibility and growth while songs like “Head Shot” and “Soccer Dad” reassures listeners that Town and
Countries most definitely do have a stash spot for whatever may be needed in a heated situation. Fatt Father also enlisted the raw talents of Tone Plummer and Marv Won to assure that there were absolutely no missing ingredients
to this magnificent recipe.

Yoel Molina Law

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