Daniel Payne Links With Big K.R.I.T and Freddie Gibbs On New ‘5 Points’ LP

Daniel Payne - 5 Points (LP)

Daniel Payne is back with his new “5 Points” album.

Daniel Payne delivers traditional sounds on new nolgastic inspired 5 Points LP. From Five Points West in Birmingham, Alabama, Payne and Dj Burn One uses six-tracks to reminds us of the sounds that inspired him being from the south.

Payne set the one on 5 Points in the first track, “Royalty.” He linked with fellow southern emcee, who’s also fore-fronting the southern sound, , to give us his back story in a song. Over smooth, heavy based production, Payne uses a smooth flow to paint us a picture of how he overcame his struggles. One the second verse, K.R.I.T ups the pace with a more faster lyrically flow. Although both rappers jumps on the track differently, they both spit the same substance, loyalty brings royalty.   

On track to Payne and G.Perico turn it up on the second track “Benz.” Although “Benz” is more up beat song, Payne gets real lyrical on this track. After engaging the listener with a catchy hook, Payne immediatly drops bars like, “I wanna take you to Jamaica in the winter time, so I can thaw your cold heart and get in yo mind.” That’s just how he comes in, he drops punchline after punchline all throughout the verse.

Track 6 “Let Me Ride”, over a groovy production, Payne pretty much sums up what Five Points is all about. He takes us on a lyrical detailed ride of his up rough bringing through the Birmingham west side. He tells you how he made through the I-65 and Avenue High. He just brings us back to his block and Freddie Gibbs does the act same on the second verse.  “Let Me Ride,” is two rappers from two different hoods who share the same struggle. 

Yoel Molina Law

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