SD State of Mind Releases San Diego Hip-Hop Compilation

SD State of Mind - San Diego Hip-Hop Compilation (LP)

San Diego is a hub for dope music, just a couple hours south of Los Angeles. People move here from all over to enjoy the amazing weather, beaches and food while avoiding that Hollywood bullshit. The Hip-Hop scene was thriving and bubbling over when punk quarantine slowed momentum, but they have pushed through.

This entire situation has had caused problems, but people have refocused. This includes the San Diego Hip-Hop community. “Family became paramount if it wasn’t already. Mental health was a struggle for many but as creatives we converged to keep the vibe pushing.” Now as the country opens up, comes the “Daygo Renaissance.” Volume 1 of the SD State of Mind compilation series. Every song different from the last to show the eclectic vibes of San Diego Hip-Hop stemming from a weekly residency called, #HipHopWEDS. 

Yoel Molina Law

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