Skyzoo Releases “All The Brilliant Things” Album

Skyzoo - All The Brilliant Things (LP)

Skyzoo is back with his brand new “All The Brilliant Things” album.

Skyzoo‘s new opus, All The Brilliant Things, is now available! Hailing from Brooklyn, Skyzoo‘s career has been defined by groundbreaking perspective and elite lyricism. It’s impossible to look at the last decade of hip-hop without mentioning Skyzoo’s name. He has written his name on the history of music in indelible ink. Today, three years of conceptualizing, writing, building, imagining and recording have led us to his newest and most profound work All The Brilliant Things.

In Skyzoo’s own words, his music has always been a “combination of… storytelling, motive and reflection.” The new album from the Brooklyn MC tells the story of his neighborhood, how it’s changed and how the culture has been affected through gentrification and cultural appropriation. But this album is more than a document, spilling the secrets of a neighborhood; it’s an emotional look into the realities of humanity in a world changed by outside forces.

“My music has always been a combination of a few things: storytelling, motive, and reflection. I tell stories that speak on the motives of those I grew up with and why they’re such, and then reflect on how those things impacted us all, both my inner circle and subconsciously, the listener. With All The Brilliant Things, the idea was to truly try and tackle the realities of gentrification, and this new era of cultural appropriation, commonly known as “culture vulturing”. The way they intertwine with one another, parallel at times, and how us as the residents of our long standing homes and creatures of these cultures have been stripped of it, or at times let it happen, and even in some cases sadly helped it happen, all for what we assumed was our best interest. The irony of it all is, despite how it all makes us feel in hindsight, one would have to admit that the orchestration of it was truly brilliant. Brutal, and heinous, but somehow pretty brilliant. Hence the title of the album.”

Yoel Molina Law

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