Whichcraft Drops New “Face The Mask” Album

Whichcraft - Face The Mask (LP)

Whichcraft returns today with his new “Face The Mask” album.

The new album “Face The Mask” released today, is a miracle to the ear drum. “Face The Mask” represents the masks we wear out there in the world for others when we are not being our true selves. It also is a metaphor for the masks we wear for ourselves. Like the mask of fear, doubt, worry, and or Ego.

This album is about removing the masks and facing your true self. This transformational journey Whichcraft goes through and his relationship with his Higher Power is what you will learn about while listening to this masterpiece. His intention is to uplift and inspire his listeners and leave you with a higher frequency when you’re done.  

Let go of what you’re used to and open your minds to something totally diverse from what you have ever heard. “Face The Mask” features Planet Asia , DJ Zesto Q , Keef Wookie , Randy Mason , Nickel Killsmics ,The Dead Poetz Society, Mr. Cord.

Yoel Molina Law

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