Meph Luciano Drops New Album, “The Science”

Meph Luciano - The Science (LP) front

Meph Luciano share his new album titled “The Science.”

Meph Luciano returns today with a new album, which is the second that has landed on our pages this year. Back in March Meph released “Vercetti” which is a twenty track project. On this new album titled “The Science,” Meph Luciano gives you another fifteen tracks. In a day where artists are releasing eight tracks, and calling them album, Meph is giving you your money’s worth.

“The Science” is full of heavy bars lyrically from Meph Luciano and the artists he has featured on the album. The Dallas artist is not playing any games as he continues to hit you over the head with quality Hip-Hop content. “The Science” features Grim Moses, Ca$ablanca, Jae Hussle, G Fam Black, and more.

Meph Luciano - The Science (LP) back
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