GeneralBackPain & Flu Return With “Bovine Too” Album

GeneralBackPain & Flu - Bovine Too (LP)

GeneralBackPain and Flu release their new “Bovine Too” album.

Two years ago Inglewood, California’s GeneralBackPain and Melbourne Producer Flu released their “Bovine” album. The album was a strong releases back in 2019 but we think “Bovine Too” is even better. GeneralBackPain appears to have gotten better if that was possible. He is one of those artists who makes you want to hear more from him.

GeneralBackPain and Flu really create this “Bovine Too” with great thought. Many of the titles of the tracks pertains to a part of the cow, which is creative. The production from Flu is the boom bap that many who love the glory days of Hip-Hop will fall in love with. Flu sonically provides the prime cut of music for GeneralBackPain to vividly describe the strength of the Bovine.

He could not release a project without his HomeTeam brothers. “Bovine Too” includes features from Killy Shoot and Lupus Dei. Also featured on the album is another mic controller in All Hail Y.T. GeneralBackPain has never sounded better in our opinion than on “Bovine Too.”

Yoel Molina Law

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