Taylor J Releases New “Time Gon Tell Who Been Hustlin” Album

Taylor J - Time Gon Tell Who Been Hustlin (LP)

Taylor J is back with his new “Time Gon Tell Who Been Hustlin” LP.

After an extensive run that included several music videos and a self directed documentary, the Minnesota rapper drops off his new album “Time Gon Tell Who Been Hustlin.” “Time Gon Tell Who Been Hustlin” is a 14 track album with all inhouse production where Taylor is giving the world a run down on his history and where he’s headed.

From giving Andre 3k a jump at an Atlanta gas station to Kanye West retweeting his music Taylor speaks it all on this latest drop. Words from Taylor J “I feel like a lot of people forgot about my history and all I accomplished in music,
I want this project to wake everybody back up and let them know I ain’t went nowhere, “Time Gon Tell Who Been Hustlin” the title of the album says it all.”

Yoel Molina Law

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