DJ C.S.P. Releases New Album, “Master The Session”

DJ C.S.P. - Master The Session (LP) Back

DJ C.S.P. makes his SpitFireHipHop debut with his new “Master The Session” album.

This record truly is an emotional work of art in every detail and definitely a collector’s item for all vinyl lovers: 3 limited OBI editions, unique bloodline fingerprint test pressings, colored or black double heavyweight vinyl, debossed title stamps and a high quality 8-page booklet.

Blood, sweat, tears and much love have literally poured into DJ C.S.P.’s second album ‘Master The Session’, which is a memorial to his father who passed away far too soon.

The beautifully painted cover portrays his Papa Bear and elements of his life. That both sides can be chosen as the front is a great feature on top.

14 soulful and very musically produced boom bap tracks, mostly instrumental, prove that C.S.P. went to a good school and knows his craft very well. Each song features cuts & scratches perfectly matched upon the beats. This is music straight from the heart.

DJ C.S.P.- Master The Session

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