SHORT BUSS13 Drops Sequential Instrumental Album, “Baby’s Second Bus Ride”

SHORT BUSS13 Drops Sequential Instrumental Album "Baby's Second Bus Ride"

Short Buss13 makes their SpitFireHipHop debut with this “Baby’s Second Bus Ride” instrumental album.

SHORT BUSS13 consists of long-time friends Saber Fluids and onehitgags from Framingham, Massachusetts. They met on bus #13 on the way to their first day of sixth grade and immediately became friends and discovered a shared love of music. From middle school to present day they have made copious amounts of music together along with passing out mixtapes in high school to playing venues like the Middle East Downstairs. It was only in early 2021 that they decided to combine forces once again and produce Hip Hop consistently and were a part of the making of Asher Roth’s “Greenhouse Effect Vol. 3”.

Baby’s Second Bus Ride” is their sequel instrumental album loaded with lots of boom and lots of bap. Some tracks veer into a more psychedelic or alternative vibe, but the duo always stays grounded to the classic Hip-Hop essence. “Conceptually, there is also an eclecticness to the album. Since we have such breadth in our influences, some of our beats can be pretty different compared to one another. By and large, we played most of the instruments on the album and sampled ourselves” says SHORT BUSS13. Check it out now on your preferred digital streaming provider.


1. And… We’re Back (Skit)
2. Sundae
3. Shades of Brown
4. Rain Dance
5. Jewel Thieves
6. Cornered
7. For the Love
8. Frank by the Beach
9. Steppin’
10. Eden’s Serenade
11. Surprise Party
12. End of the Line (Skit)

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