Jack Preston Has The Rhymes Flowing On “The River” Album

Jack Preston - The River (LP)

Jack Preston shares his new album he calls “The River.”

In 2019, rapper and multimedia artist Jack Preston teamed up with West Coast producer Jon Bom to score the official soundtrack for Raymond Carr’s new indie Sci-Fi/Adventure film Joyriders. The film’s theme song, aptly titled “Joyride“, served as the official reintroduction to the pair’s progressive sound established on their 2015 album End of The Future. Today (1/28/2022), nearly seven years after the pair’s groundbreaking opus, Preston and Bom release their long-awaited third collaborative album (and Preston’s first new full-length project since 2015) The River. Inspired by Taoism, The River is a motivational body of work that uses Preston’s resilience through life-changing events as a testament to the ability of an everyman to get out of his own way and allow his extraordinary abilities to shine. 

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Over the course of my prolonged hiatus from music, I suffered the loss of my stepfather, ended a nearly decade-long romantic relationship, and managed a bicoastal lifestyle. The River’ represents my state of mind as I processed the unpredictability of life, while manifesting the life that I wanted for myself. I came to realize that the anxiety-induced pressure of the future, and the failings of the past are all but eliminated when you’re able to let go and just focus on living in the moment. In order to get through sudden life-altering events, I had to remain in a type of flow. I couldn’t resist that which was out of my control. I had to be like water, which is why the album is called ‘The River’. The title represents a mantra. The music is a meditative manifestation. It’s spiritual, sensual, inspirational and a celebration of life.” – Jack Preston

Bom’s production on The River seamlessly blends Electronic and Hip-Hop throughout, complimenting Preston’s dynamic delivery, as he effortlessly wields both rhyme and melody, channeling the ethos of progenitors like the Dungeon Family and UGK, and current luminaries like Travis Scott and the late Juice WRLD. Now available on all digital streaming platforms via The Dojo Collective/Soulspazm, The River is also a nod to the coastal North Carolina community called North River (or “The River”, for short), where Preston was born. 

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