Benny The Butcher Releases New Classic, ‘Tana Talk 4’

Benny The Butcher - Tana Talk 4 (LP)

Benny The Butcher releases his new “Tana Talk 4” project,

Over the past four years, Benny The Butcher has been on an unprecedented run of progression, including; Tana Talk 3 (2018), The Plugs I Met (2019), Griselda’s major label Shady debut group album WWCD, (2019), Burden Of Proof with Hit-Boy (2020), The Plugs I Met 2 with Harry Fraud (2021), Pyrex Picasso (2021) and a veritable slew of high-profile guest appearances with artists such as Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, DJ Premier, DMX, The Lox, Russ and contributed to two Grammy Nominated albums (Royce 5’9”’s The Allegory and Freddie Gibbs & Alchemist’s Alfredo).

In between, Benny also founded his own label imprint, BSF, started his own Sports Marketing Firm, starred in his first motion picture (Conflicted), became a spokesperson for his hometown Buffalo Bills, created the team’s official theme song and performed on Late Night TV and the BET Music Awards.

But now, with his first project of 2022, Benny takes it back to where the tipping point of his superstardom originated, with the fourth installment of his influential Tana Talk series with Tana Talk 4.  Tana Talk 3 was released in 2018 and instantly became a fan favorite and the crossroads where Benny’s burgeoning street ethos catapulted to his first breakout success on the charts; and where his buzz became inescapable. 

“I love Tana Talk 3, it’s what got me familiar with the people.  It’s the real me, who I was then. It’s my baby, my firstborn” Benny acknowledges.  “It brought me here and made me.”

Benny The Butcher Drops “Johnny P’s Caddy” Feat. J.Cole & ‘Tana Talk 4’ Announcement

On “Back 2x” Benny quips “I know what ya’ll want, you want me back on that Daringer sh*t.” In a true return to form, Benny tapped The Alchemist and Daringer to once again handle all of the production for Tana Talk 4

Tana Talk 4 is led by the project’s breakout singles, and videos for “Johnny P’s Caddy” featuring J.Cole (which earned Benny his first Billboard Hot 100 singles Chart breakthrough), and Benny’s ode to his Montana Ave days, “10 More Commandments” featuring Diddy where Benny deftly updates Notorious B.I.G. & DJ Premier’s (Premier also makes an appearance in the video) classic with ten more of his own Pyrex scriptures.

“With Tana Talk 4 I have a chip on my shoulder.  No one thinks I can recreate that energy.  I’m not trying to create the same energy, but TT3 was who I was then, what I was going through.  The things you hear me talking about on Tana Talk 4, is me now and who I’ve become” Benny asserts.  “It’s special to me because I get to talk about things that I would never talk about on any other project. Tana Talk is the series where you get me, my deepest, darkest feelings.  I’m sure people are going to be surprised at the things I’m saying on TT4, but they are also going to get an inside look at things.”

Benny The Butcher’s Tana Talk 4 is now available on all DSP’s and features appearances from J.Cole, Diddy, Conway The Machine, Westside Gunn, Boldy James, Stove God Cooks and 38 Spesh.


Johnny P’s Caddy Feat J.Cole (Prod The Alchemist)

Back 2x Feat Stove God Cooks (Prod Daringer & Beat Butcha)

Super Plug (Prod The Alchemist)

Weekends In The Perry’s Feat. Boldy James (Prod The Alchemist)

10 More Commandments Feat Diddy (Prod Daringer & Beat Butcha)

Tyson Vs Ali Feat Conway The Machine (Prod Daringer)

Uncle Bun Feat 38 Spesh (Prod Daringer)

Thowy’s Revenge (Prod The Alchemist)

Billy Joe (Prod The Alchemist)

Guerrero Feat. Westside Gunn (Prod Daringer & Beat Butcha)

Bust A Brick Nick (Prod The Alchemist)

Mr. Chow Hall (Prod The Alchemist)

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