Mic Bles Will Continue His Journey “Till The End”

Mic Bles - Till The End (LP)

Mic Bles releases his new album titled “Till The End.”

The end represents forever and forever can mean a lifetime and a legacy. The new album by Mic Bles is a body of work that could only be delivered through struggle, perseverance and longevity.
Till The End.. is a testament to his origins, journey and rise from the city of Oxnard The 12-track album boast production and cuts from U.S. and international boom bap heavy hitters such as Merge Beats, Science Green, Brenx, Bouklas, CeeOne, Soul Clap and Kimibro Beats. Backed by the cuts of DJ Romes, DJ Mysterons, Brenx, Dj Diaze  and DJ Kitsos respectively.

Mic Bles Gives You The Scripture In “G.O.D” Visual

With the production/cuts combined with such features as Big Twinz, Chris Rivers, Rodo G, and Riff Raff McGriff the album cohesively illustrates the life and times narrative Bles delivers on Till The End
They say to be great at anything you must devote 10,000 hours to that craft to become a Master, then maybe its a lifetime to become a legend – Till The End…

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