Boldy James & Real Bad Man Release New Album ‘Killing Nothing’

Boldy James & Real Bad Man Release 'All The Way Out' & Announces New LP

Boldy James and Real Bad Man drops off their new “Killing Nothing” album.

After teaming up to release Real Bad Boldy (2021), Boldy James and Real Bad Man are cooking again and you can now tap in on their new album Killing Nothing.  The album is produced in its entirety by Real Bad Man and features appearances from Stove God Cooks, Rome Streetz, Crimeapple, and Knowledge The Pirate. 

Boldy James & Real Bad Man Walk Through The “Open Door” Feat. Stove God Cooks & Rome Streetz

“With the first album, Real Bad Boldy, we were just finding our rhythm.  Me and Real Bad Man were trying to catch a groove.  And now that we got our groove, this new one (Killing Nothing) is more focused, more concentrated, it’s a more conscious effect and a complete thought.  You know, more premeditated” Boldy James states.  “My other albums are NBA games, organized Basketball, and this record is like live at the Rucker.  I get to showcase my handles, and my long-range jumper, which I might not get to do all the time in organized ball.”

“This one (Killing Nothing) is definitely more menacing and somber than Real Bad Boldy.  I wanted it to feel bigger in scope, and more focused as a singular body of work.  The beats have more variety to the and the songs are tighter” Real Bad Man asserts.  “Killing Nothing is all about Boldy and it feels like a movie;, with Boldy as the main character; and we’re with him the whole way.  He runs into some other characters, but it’s his story, so we are with him until the end.”

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