Jus Daze Gives You A Variety Of Styles On “Raps & Rants” Album

Jus Daze - Raps & Rants (LP)

Jus Daze is back with his new “Raps & Rants” album.

If you follow Battle Rap, you may be familiar with the name Jus Daze or as he has dubbed himself Robert Dinerbow aka Quinten Tarentinbow aka…you’ll hear for yourself on “Raps & Rants.” The latest full release from the “Bow Legged Bull” who bullied cats in front of many a camera on Battle Rap platforms nation wide is 12 tracks of pure magma, with different flavors for hip hop tastes.

Jus Daze Delivers New “Insecurity” Video

He can do the Trap/Drill/Club vibe (LAUGHING WHILE THEY BRAGGING, JIMMY TWO TIMEZ). He does the knowledge, punch heavy, boom bap bars (INSECURITY (stand out track), Warning, The Wicked, Still Old New York featuring Money Bagz (Another Stand Out)). He’s got you covered on the Soulful, Grown Man, Substance Rap (MAKES NO DIFFERENCE, COLD HEARTED, ). He’s even got some official International flavor in there with the Reggaeton Vibe COQUITO and the “Baby Maker,” You Make Me Wanna which will let your shorty know exactly what you want when the hook comes in.

The Queens, NY Veteran has paid his dues on the block, in front of judges, in front of hostile crowds with a hometown favorite opposing him face to face, and he’s paid his dues in the booth. You can hear the experience in each of the 12 joints on “Raps & Rants.” He says nowadays you will find him hosting and guest judging battles rather than going to war himself, but he says he is always ready to get his hands dirty catching a body if the price is right. For now, he is pushing this new project hard so you can get to know the multiple sides of Jus Daze.

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