Makeba Mooncycle Drops ‘Just A Part Of Me’ Album

Makeba Mooncycle - Just A Part Of Me (LP)

Makeba Mooncycle shares her new album “Just A Part Of Me.”

Anarchy Records presents what everyone has been waiting to hear! “So open your mind and listen to your heart!” ​ Just A Part of Me the anticipated album by Anarchy Records Mrs. MC, Queen MC and Mother MC is here!​ Production and scratches by French producer and DJ Buck Oner. ​

With her first single “Loses” we were hit with the Boom Bap, scratches, cuts and definitely the lyrics. ​ With the second single we didn’t know what was coming so they hit us with another banger ​ “A Fool’s Story” that came from the left but still the same elements.

Makeba Mooncycle said on her “The Gibbous 2020” LP on one of the interviews that she wants to keep feeding them sharing more and more of what she has to offer. Well the kitchen is open and does not seem to be closing anytime soon. ​ With songs like Battle For My People featuring Skanks The Rap Martyr and Brothahood United featuring Prodigal Sunn and Skanks The Rap Martyr is proven that the menu is full of tasty side dishes. ​ “Just A Part Of Me” is full of taste morsels with Buck Oner versatility with the beats and Makeba adding that flavor who knows when we will get enough. ​

Makeba Mooncycle - Just A Part Of Me

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