Rappina$$willz Drops ‘DACOVID19EP DA VACCINE SIDE B’ Album


Rappina$$willz makes his SpitFireHipHop debut with “DACOVID19EP DA VACCINE SIDE B” album.

Rappina$$willz Concludes his series with the new “DACOVID19EP DA VACCINE SIDE B” album. Midwest’s Rappina$$willz concludes his series with DACOVID19EP DA VACCINE SIDE B. The albums were initially created during the pandemic in April 2021.

“I wanted to make music for the people that was getting it out the mud and wanted to hear real life experiences. I’m from a small city Saginaw,MI where most don’t make it to see 21 and being locked in 24 hrs a day and battling depression I wrote it all down and dug up a lot demons I battled with and made this project” says Rappina$$willz.

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