Homeboy Sandman Releases “Anjelitu” Deluxe Album

Homeboy Sandman - Anjelitu (Deluxe Album)

Homeboy Sandman is back with the “Anjelitu” deluxe album.

Homeboy Sandman has released the deluxe edition for his album Anjelitu on Mello Music Group. Sand reunites with his Aesop Rock to revitalize the acclaimed project with two bonus tracks and eight instrumentals.

Homeboy Sandman doesn’t make artistic compromises or capitulate to insidious algorithmic programming. The New York indie rap veteran left the social media scroll behind to find balance and focus. On the Aesop Rock-produced Anjelitu (Deluxe Edition), Sandman moves into uncharted topical territory with brute force and gymnastic grace, finding the right combination of yin and yang energy as he pushes himself to new lyrical feats and expands the boundaries of rap once more.

Homeboy Sandman & Aesop Rock Deliver ‘Lovin’ It’ Single

Anjelitu (Deluxe Edition) mirrors that dualistic theme in its 16 tracks and construction. The first half of the record features eight vocal tracks, and the second half is composed of eight instrumentals. Throughout the front half, Sandman delivers incisive and sardonic treatises of rapidly interlocking syllables, extolling the benefits of unplugging from the digital matrix (“Lovin’ It”), honing your craft (“Go Hard”), and improving your life via a vegan diet (“Cows Milk,” “No Beef”). Aes scores the entire eight-track proceedings with productions that balance the dismal and sprightly. They are propulsive beats of crashing drum fills, twisted ’80s synths, and ominous guitars that could score an acid trip spent watching Hanna-Barbera cartoons. When Aes joins Sandman behind the mic, the duo proves a colossal force. They are purists and technical masters with immense reverence for their art.

An adamant and invested fan of the visual arts, Sandman also solicited artwork for the new Anjelitu (Deluxe Edition) singles. Graffiti legend, artist, and Jean Michel Basquiat collaborator Al Diaz handled the graf-inspired “Lovin’ It,” while NFT-artist Teens on Acid illustrates Aes and Sandman as alien bugs incinerating every building in sight for “Sheesh.” The latter perfectly encapsulates the inherent balance of Sandman and Aes’s collaboration: two otherworldly talents creating something new while destroying accepted rap conventions. 

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