Pen Lordz & Kheyzine Release “Passion For The Pen” Album

Pen Lordz & Kheyzine - Passion For The Pen (LP)

Pen Lordz and Kheyzine connect for this new “Passion For The Pen” project.

Pen Lordz join us for the very first with their new album called “Passion For The Pen.” The duo from Pittsburgh join forces with French producer Kheyzine. Early into the album you can hear the Pittsburgh vernacular, if you know anything about Pittsburgh. You can also hear the influence from members of the Wu-Tang. As a kid from Pittsburgh it was good to hear some the of mentions on the album like of Tuffy Tuff.

The 8 track project provides a variety of sounds and lyrical deliveries from Pen Lordz. My favorite track on “Passion For The Pen” has to be “Heart New York” which is a descriptive song about what they love about the city that never sleeps. The production for the entire project was provide by Kheyzine and included features from Grey Phox and Jinnahcide.

Yoel Molina Law

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