Pink Siifu & Real Bad Man Release New Collaborative Project ‘Real Bad Flights’

Pink Siifu & Real Bad Man - Real Bad Flights

Pink Siifu and Real Bad Man release their new collaborative project titled “Real Bad Flights.”

After teaming up to release Real Bad Boldy (2021), and Killing Nothing (2022) with Boldy James, Real Bad Man is cooking again—and this time with rising star Pink Siifu.

Real Bad Flights is produced in its entirety by Real Bad Man and features appearances from Boldy James, Armand Hammer & Chuck Strangers among others. 

“The concept behind REAL BAD FLIGHTS are that Flights are horrible lol” Pink Siifu declares.  “BASICALLY eye just been doin a lot of traveling since Covid started and it’s kinda been ironic af lol, so eye just wanted to make sum folks could relate to on tht end but also soundtrack style type shit for folks to play while at tha airport or in tha sky.”

Pink Siifu & Real Bad Man Release New “Pour The Wine” Video Feat. Chuck Strangers & Peso Gordon

“Working on all the songs for REAL BAD FLIGHTS, I approached it a little different than previous projects.  Siifu has stuff a unique vibe and sound, but, at the same time, he’s mad diverse” Real Bad Man added.  “I started making tracks with him in mind, from scratch.  I think there were probably 20 -25 tracks made over the course of the six-months it took to make this project.  We’d send stuff back and forth.  Siifu’s an artist with a very strong vision, most of the songs came back to me fully formed and arranged, and it was up to me to bring those songs to life by adding or subtracting from the instrumentals.  The goal was to not let the music get in the way of the song.”

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