DeeSouLopez & Bogey Deliver “A Long Time Coming” Album

DeeSouLopez & Bogey Deliver - A Long Time Coming (LP)

DeeSouLopez and Bogey connect for “A Long Time Coming” album.

DeeSouLopez and Bogey share their new album titled “A Long Time Coming.” The album is like a blueprint to the streets and how to maneuver. If you take that route, it is good to say that you will need help to stay alive. Learning what to recognize when things are happening in the streets, will speed up your heartrate.

Bogey & DeeSouLopez Drop New “HardBody” Single

Your heartrate will continue to race from the production and the rhymes on “A Long Time Coming,” no worries you will not lose your life listening to these street bars. This album will have change direction if your thinking about entering the street game. The album will keep you on edge from the stories delivered. Press play on “A Long Time Coming” and leave a comment below.

Tracklist A Long Time Coming

  1. Intro – Boldface
  2. Coke On The Plate
  3. 4Eva
  4. Root Of It All feat. DJ Exes
  5. Soldiers March
  6. Hardbody
  7. WhoWantWhat?
  8. Gunrange feat. DJ Exes
  9. Last Call

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