Mike Evan$ Drops New ‘Thinking Out Loud’ Project

Mike Evan$ makes his SpitFireHipHop debut with “Thinking Out Loud” project.

On his Thinking Out Loud, Mike Evan$ used 15-tracks to showcase his entire repertoire of music skills. He’s rapping and he uses his auto tuned melodic style to really vent to his listeners. He named the project Thinking Out Loud, because he said he didn’t want to limit his content. Evan$ wanted to be as transparent as possible on this project, and that exactly what he did. The substance he expresses on this album covers almost everything an aspiring artists from problematic backgrounds can go through. 

On track, “Swerve,” Evan$ talks about how the type of women he’s into. He makes it clear that he’ll blow a bag, but she got to be worth it. Evan$ lets his listeners know that although he’s full throttle in the trap, he still has time to satisfy his sexual pleasures as long as the girl is up to par. 

If you keep listening and you made it “Range,” you’ll really know what type of guy Evan$ is. On the track or off the track, he has range. On the track, he has multiple style, which is range in the music world. He raps, sings, and makes good music. “Range” is a fast paced song that gets the people going and he used his fast rap. Although Evan$ is a rapper, he’s not the one to be played with because he’s well protected and when he uses his protection, he has range with it. The song “Range” is double entendre from the booth to the street.

The last track that I’ll describe is the first track on the tape, “Right Now.” “Right Now,” is a track that describes the mood of Evan$. He’s popping his stuff on that track. He talks about how he came from nothing to his new piped up life style. On the song he smoothly switches his cadences and creates a blissful song that matches how lit he is. 

You can jam the complete Thinking Out Loud mixtape below and for more information on this artist, go follow him on Instagram at MoneyEvans.

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