Big Almighty Grams Give Us “The Bag” Album

Big Almighty Grams - The Bag (LP)

Big Almighty Grams release new “The Bag” album.

Big Almighty joins us again today with a new release. This time alongside Raf, is fellow comrade, B’More rhyme spitter, Guy Grams. They are provided with a grimey soundscape from visionary producer BigBob. Collectively the three are coalesced into “The Bag“- Big- Almighty- GramsThe self-titled project is comprised of 14 unadulterated and authentic songs. ESI Dj, Dcypha from Australia formulates his trusty scratch adroitness into the mix. Be sure to head over to the ESI website to order your physical copies today.

Big Almighty Grams Deliver New “89” Video

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