Fubar Administers Pain On “Shark My Words”

Fubar - Shark My Words (LP)

Fubar share his new “Shark My Words” album.

The Chicago artist named Fubar joins us today with his new album titled “Shark My Words.” The album is different than most as it includes 20 tracks in the age of 8 to 10 track albums. The album is full of boom bap tracks and is on the dark side of things.

Fubar is not our to make friends instead he is out to throw some of you face first into the dirt. Fubar tries to cherish every minute with his son but finds it difficult because of depression. He says he has many skeletons in his closet from the many that he has had to get ride of. Fubar is out for blood and will not stop until his job is done. Take a listen to “Shark My Words” below and let us know what you thin in the comments.

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