J. Sands Will Make The “Women” Smile With New Album

J. Sands - Women (LP)

J. Sands sends this one to the “Women” with the release of new album.

J. Sands delivers this new album titled “Women.” If you are looking for a grown up album to listen to, you will not have to look any further than “Women.” With all of the negative energy being passed off as Hip-Hop, J. Sands “Women” is a great musical release that stands apart from the negativity. Songs like “Whatevaeyedo” that express unconditional love will have thinking about the person you love and when you met.

J. Sands Revisits Iconic Film In “Drift” Video

If you don’t know, J. Sands is also a independent record label own. His B.U.K.A. Entertainment label is the imprint that has released all of albums. He is multi-talented as his also produces music as well as penning his own songs.

“Drift” will have you reminiscing about what attracted you to your love and all of those beautiful times you have spent with them. This song also has a very cool video that lifts scenes from the Spike Lee movie Do The Right. J. Sands is a very talented artists and one that has contributed much to Hip-Hop over the years. Music should move people and more importantly move people in a positive manner. After listening to “Women,” you will want to go out and does something nice for that special woman in you life.

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