Dell-P Has Always Been “The People’s Emcee”

Dell-P - The People's Emcee (LP)

Dell-P is back with his new album titled “The People’s Emcee.”

The Philadelphia artist who goes by the name of Dell-P is multifaceted. He is man of valor in this music industry has never cowered in face of gatekeepers. Dell-P has represented Philadelphia and Hip-Hop very well with the way he maneuvers through the traps that the industry has set for artists.

Today Dell-P joins us with his latest album titled “The People’s Emcee.” With a title like that, he has had to have had an impact on the people who listen to his music. This new album consists of 13 well placed tracks. One of our favorite tracks on the album would have to be “Five Star.” He explains how some have tried to block him but have not succeeded. He says when it is in your veins, you don’t have to try hard, which is apparent when you hear him. Trac-Qaeda delivers thoroughly on the production and provides Dell-P with everything he needs to display his talents.

This is album also includes interludes from his big brother Reem and the legendary Steady B. “The People’s Emcee” features, Son of the 215, Jay Reezy, 4evertaylormade, Teef, Peedi Crack and more. Press play on “The People’s Emcee” below and take the journey with Dell-P.

Yoel Molina Law

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