Benny the Butcher Joins E Murda & Shots Almigh & BP On “Loyalty Means You Related” Album

E Murda & Shots Almigh & BP - Loyalty Means You Related

E Murda, Shots Almighty, and BP are joined by Benny The Butcher On “Loyalty Means You Related” album.

E Murda and Shots Almigh join forces with BP to bring you their album “Loyalty Makes You Related.” This BSF release features Benny the Butcher, OT the Real and Eddie Kane.

Loyalty Makes You Related Tracklist
1 The Money
2 Queen Latifah
3 Smoke Something ft OT the Real
4 Stay True ft Benny the Butcher
5 Principle
6 Boyz n the Hood
7 Numbers Don’t Lie
8 Against All Odds ft Eddie Kane
9 Let the Festivities Begin

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