Jus Daze Releases “His Raps & Rants” (The Remixes) Album

Jus Daze - His Raps & Rants (The Remixes)

Jus Daze drops off his “Raps & Rants” (The Remixes) album.

Exactly one year from its initial release, Jus Daze surprises listeners with “Raps & Rants (The Remixes) produced by UK producer JNp a week prior to the release of his new album “The Zeitgeist” on 5.1.23! Jus and JNp have previously worked in the same capacity over a decade ago but have reunited and appear to be making a statement with this commercial crossover album.

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JNp laces Jus Daze’s masterful delivery of wordplay and conscious boom bap style of rhyme with up-tempo rhythms, soulful synths, sultry samples, and sounds to keep both underground and commercial Hip Hop enthusiasts entertained! This album is a MUST LISTEN & great addition to your favorites!  

Yoel Molina Law

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