Mike Titan & Tali Rodriguez Give You The Good Word With ‘The New Gods II’ Album

Mike Titan x Tali Rodriguez - The New Gods II

Mike Titan and Tali Rodriguez deliver their new “The New Gods II” album.

Mike Titan and Tali Rodriguez are back with The New Gods II, the sequel to their 2022 tape The New Gods, where Titan and Tali rallied together some of the dopest emcees populating today’s underground hip hop scene. With The New Gods II, the duo doubles down on the collaborative madness, bringing back G Fam Black, Camarah Walleed, P-Ro, Sankofa, and A7MC for round two, while also bringing “New Gods,” like GeneralBackPain, Rhinoceros Funk, Yahzeed, Certain Ones (Bobby Craves, Feral Serge, Whichcraft, and Fortified Mind), 8ch2owens, Joey DaSilva, Perro Lu, Street Da’ Villan, Ajax Lo, Crotona P, JFliz, M Doc Diego, Cutsupreme, and DJ GlibStylez into the fold.

The result is an audio exhibition of playoff level rhyming from all emcees involved, over masterfully crafted soundscapes produced by Tali Rodriguez.

The New Gods II’ gets its name and look from “The Godfather”‘ of comics, Jack Kirby’s New Gods. Kirby’s New Gods is a comic series that begins with the death of the old Norse Gods, and the destruction of their home planet which leads to the birth of the New Gods, and the creation of their home planets of New Genesis and Apokolips. Similarly, Titan and Tali’s The New Gods II represents a rebirth of God level emceeing post Golden Age Hip-Hop.

The New Gods II Tracklisting

  1. A Waking Knightmare (feat. GeneralBackPain & G Fam Black)
  2. Thunder & Lightning (feat. A7MC)
  3. Universal Expression (feat. Rhinoceros Funk & Yahzeed)
  4. The Astro-Harness (feat. P-Ro)
  5. Darkseid of the Moon (feat. Bobby Craves, Feral Serge, & Whichcraft)
  6. Drunk Old Man Slap (feat. 8ch2owens, Sankofa, & DJ GlibStylez)
  7. New Gods II (feat. Joey DaSilva)
  8. The God WAV (feat Fortified Mind & Perro Lu)
  9. Hasta La Vista (feat. Street Da’ Villan)
  10. The Fourth World (feat. Camarah Walleed, Ajax Lo, & Crotona P)
  11. Cataclysm (feat. JFliz, M Doc Diego, & Cutsupreme)
  12. Mister Miracle
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