JRoberts & IM’PERETIV Gives Us The New Album Titled ‘Shamrocks & Machine Guns’

JRoberts x IM'PERETIV - Shamrocks & Machine Guns

JRoberts and IM’PERETIV drops off their new “Shamrocks & Machine Guns” album.

The much-anticipated collaboration between JRoberts and IM’PERETIV has finally arrived. The new album, “Shamrocks & Machine Guns,” wasted no time in making a powerful statement by immediately soaring to the top spot on the Canadian iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap charts.

Shamrocks & Machine Guns” is a raw and gritty project, fully produced by IM’PERETIV. The album is a testament to the duo’s artistic prowess and features an impressive lineup of collaborators, including Jae Skeese, Rasheed Chappel, Vega7 the Ronin, L-Biz, Supa Kaliente, Blocklord, and Dystrakted. With an enticing tracklist that includes standouts like “Guillotine,” “Sketch a Hearse,” and “All or Nothing,” that weaves lyrical finesse with gritty production. “Shamrocks & Machine Guns” is an auditory masterpiece that demands your undivided attention with every second.

“Shamrocks & Machine Guns” is Out Now and Available on all major streaming platforms! This album is more than music; it’s a statement.


01. Pain & Glory

02. Guillotine ft. Asun Eastwood

03. All or Nothing ft. Jae Skeese

04. Dear Jameson

05. Better Days ft. Rasheed Chappel & L-Biz

06. Sketch a Hearse ft. Supa Kaliente & Rasheed Chappel

07. Barbed Wire Floss ft. Blocklord & Dystrakted

08. Dapper don

Yoel Molina Law

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