Oxymorrons Break Barriers With Debut Album ‘Melanin Punk’

Oxymorrons - Melanin Punk (LP)

Oxymorrons drop off their new album titled “Melanin Punk.”

Today,Oxymorrons, the electrifying genre-blending band hailing from the heart of New York City, have released their highly anticipated debut album, Melanin Punk, via Mascot Records

Known for their distinctive sound that effortlessly fuses hip-hop and hard rock influences, Oxymorrons have delivered an exciting project that transcends boundaries, seamlessly weaving between different musical styles and unexpected sonic landscapes. Melanin Punk is the evolution of their groundbreaking EP, Mohawks and Durags, offering listeners the full experience of what Oxymorrons have to offer. Collaborating again with producer Zach Jones (Fever 333, Hollywood Undead, Nova Twins), who they worked with on their EP, Oxymorrons have created a body of work that truly captures the essence of the band’s creative spirit.

The creative process behind Melanin Punk was marked by inspiration striking the band anywhere and everywhere. Some songs were born from voice notes recorded in the most unexpected places, while others were crafted in intense three-hour sessions. Choosing the final tracks for the album was a challenge, as the band had a wealth of material to draw from, but they carefully selected the ones that best painted the narrative and made the most sense sonically.

“This project’s main goal is to tell the story of the band through a character we created called Mel, but it transcends to a story that can be relatable to anyone who feels like an outcast,” says the band. “Especially through our single releases, you can see the major plot points of Mel’s struggle. ‘Enemy,’ with him telling the world he’s not against them, but just wanting to be included. ‘Last Call,’ representing his struggles with not being seen and diving into drinking to numb the pain. ‘Graveyard Words,’ to show the strength of words and empower him to have to stand up for himself. And now, ‘Look Alive,’ to show that he’s here to stay and to get ready for what’s coming.”

With Melanin Punk, Oxymorrons aim to build community and celebrate diversity while challenging preconceived notions of rock music and fostering a sense of self-worth and pride in individuality. When asked what they hope listeners would take away from the experience, the band explains, “Sonically, to have fans be open to new sounds in the rock space and not confining what you listen to in a box. More existentially, we want fans to gain a sense of self-worth, be proud of exactly who you are, and realize that there is a community of people who are equally weird and awesome as you are. Hopefully this album will break down doors for what it means to be ‘rock’ or ‘black’ or ‘poc’ or an ‘outcast’. Individuality is everything. Representation is everything. Oxymorrons are the Voltron to the new movement.”

While extensively touring both the US and abroad this last year with the likes of Corey Taylor, Bad Omens, nothing nowhere, and on their own headline run, Oxymorrons fans were able to get a first listen to the new tunes and the energy of the new songs translated live. A standout crowd favorite was the band’s latest single, the anthemic “Look Alive (Netic)”. The members reflected, “It was awesome to give a live sneak peak before the record came out to see their reactions. The crowd always reacts incredibly to that song and we’ve never seen so many smiles.”

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