Kidd Called Quest Drops ‘Sounds Of The Track’ LP

Kidd Called Quest shares his new album titled “Sounds Of The Track.”

Rochester, NY beat-smith Kidd Called Quest returns with surprise project Sounds Of The Track.  An eighteen-track instrumental effort, the producer revealed that the project was inspired by 1975 Blaxploitation classic 

The Candy Tangerine Man.  An underrated slice of street-cinema, the movie follows the exploits of the “Black Baron” a pimp who takes on the mob, the cops and turncoats in his stable.

Utilizing a variety of production styles Kidd Called Quest captures the vibe of the original while incorporating actual dialogue from the film.

The project was actually completed earlier this year but marinated while Kidd Called Quest dropped a flurry of work including The Kendrick Cole EP with St. Paul, MN emcee Ken-C, a producer compilation album On The Beat as well as new singles with Pretty Bulli and Young Black And Gifted.

Yoel Molina Law

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