Leo CaSeeNo & Crack Sizzlack Release ‘The Circle’ Album

Leo CaSeeNo & Crack Sizzlack- The Circle (LP)

Latest offering from the Knuckle Dragguz collective with new release “The Circle” by Massachusetts emcee Leo CaSeeNo fully produced by COAQ&DAGGER’s own Crack Sizzlack and mastered by Tali Rodriguez. Amazing bar work and lyricism over Crack Sizzlack symphonic musical score. As Leo CaSeeNo takes you on a journey of his life and times and come up in the underground Hip Hop scene and how it all circles back around.

With stand out features from elite emcees like OGBeenGrimm, Tali Rodriguez, P-Ro, M Doc Diego, G Fam Black, Lo Gun, and Oblivious. He provides a great body of work for real Hip-Hop heads to enjoy out now on bandcamp and all streaming platforms.

Yoel Molina Law

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