Steven Malcolm Celebrates Faith, Truth, And Hip-Hop On Seminal New Album ‘BOATS’

An acronym for “Based On A Truth Story,” BOATS is poised to transport listeners to a utopia of Malcolm’s creation. “BOATS will take listeners on a journey to Away — an oasis built for the chosen and run by the redeemed,” he shares of the concept behind the record. “Imagine a place where you become what you long to become. Imagine a place where your gift makes a way. Imagine a place where beauty reflects the ones who protect it, and its foundation is held together by the stories of the broken. Welcome to Away.”

Celebrating BOATS, Steven Malcolm serves a heavy dose of reality rap with an autobiographical music video for “Nothing Into Something,” highlighting his growth into the artist and family man we presently know. “This is the most powerful record and video I’ve made thus far! [I] can’t express the excitement and redemption this truth story holds,” wrote Malcolm on social media.

Steven Malcolm BOATS Official Tracklisting:

  1. “Truth Story”
  2. “Mr. Away”
  3. “Cardio”
  4. “Bounce”
  5. “Ten on Eleven”
  6. “Better Days”
  7. “Story of a Rider”
  8. “All on Me”
  9. “On Time God (Interlude)”
  10. “Never Let Me Go”
  11. “Nothing Into Something”
  12. “Enough (feat. Anderson Michael)”
  13. “40”
  14. “Paper Plane”
  15. “Everything I Need”
  16. “Not Alone”

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